VFX – Company Logo (part 1)

We were asked to come up with a quick company logo that we’ll then learn to enhance and animate in class. I’ve gone through two versions; one using images from online and the other I drew myself. I’m not too sure which one I prefer more, so I might even end up with a third option before the time comes I need to use it.

The first thing I needed to do was come up with a name for my imaginary company. I brainstormed with a few other people as to what a good name would be for a games company. We thought back to older says of video games and that 8-bit format we used to play, which led to coming up with the name “Pixel Perfect”. It was alliterative and catchy enough for a logo, so I’ve kept it. Funny enough, there are a few companies with the same name, as well as a movie from the early 2000’s.

I started by searching for a text type online that felt appropriate and came across this one:


It reminded me of the movie Wreck-It Ralph (which was a fantastic movie filled with video game references). Uploading the font into Photoshop, I began to look for inspiration online that reminded me of game consoles or notable characters. I came across a pixel-art controller I liked the look of. I brought it into Photoshop and added a bit of depth to it: I very much liked the colour, but I was never too sure about using someone else’s art for this project.


It was an old Nintendo controller and I liked the colours, but I felt like I should also try my hand at my own pixel-art controller. I chose another original NES game pad. I tried to emulate what I thought looked like an 8-bit design, trying to make the buttons pop more than the flatter original version I had.


It could use some more work (my pixel-art skills haven’t been called on before now), but I quite like the shadowing on the buttons. For the rest of the project, I think it could be interesting to make the buttons move or maybe have a cable connect itself to the top of the controller. I could always make the buttons drop into place, or even control the text dropping down (like a Tetris game, where the button presses would determine how chunks of the text positioned itself in the logo).

I feel like there are lots of ideas I could use for when we get to the visual effects portion of this small project, but until our next class I’ll sit on the design and perhaps try to edit it or even make a third option.

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