A Quick Ode to GrittySugar

I decided to do a quick post while thinking about some of the things I’ve been enjoying during the last few months of classes. So far, I think I have the most interest in coding with Unity (which I already had a suspicion would happen) but also Flash Animation and some of the other Adobe products we’ve started using. I find the Adobe products we’ve been shown so far – in this case, Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop – are quite intuitive when you take the time to learn your way around them. I also feel that Flash doesn’t necessarily require you to be an amazing drawer (although it helps) if you have a style of your own that you can create work with.

This is why I’ve been watching more videos and reading more about creating work in Animate, as well as what other people out there choose to do with it. Obviously it’s a powerful tool that’s used to make games – I’ve done some research about titles that have been made using Flash, as well as research into different companies who predominantly work in Flash.

What I wanted to look at more this time is a Flash Animator I’ve found through YouTube who has made some of the funniest videos with excellent style and humour. Her best ones (in my opinion) are her animated Flash videos of Let’s Players: this is how I originally found her, since she did videos for Jacksepticeye (her best videos, in my opinion, are from footage of him playing Reigns and Detained), Markiplier, and Game Grumps.

The more interesting part is that she shares some of her “Behind the Scenes” videos on her channel, giving her viewers an insight into how she works, how much time it actually takes to animate a 2 minute video, and what her storyboard process is.

In this particular video, you can see she has a very stylised approach to her videos, leaning more towards a cutesy, highly characterised look. I think this works best with the tools Flash has to offer and works so well with the humour she puts into the work she does. While she might be using someone else’s commentary to voice the videos, her choice of dialogue, matched with what expressions she puts on the characters, is what makes her animations top quality. Comedic timing with over-the-top personalities seems to be what she does best.

In the next video, she’s compiled the clips of her working on her animation into a mere 12 minutes, when she makes reference in her description that the entire process actually took 3 weeks.

I’m pleased to find out she does 99% of her work in Flash, combining it with other Adobe products like After Effects for finishing and Premiere for editing. It really shows how versatile the Adobe suite can be when in the right hands and it inspires me to work more in Flash (as well as the other products we’re being shown in our VFX class) in the hopes that I could one day create work like GrittySugar does.


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