Walking Simulator (part 3) – Polish and Peer Review

A dropbox download for the current version of the game:


(Please note it’s still a work in progress…)

Today in class we were given an hour to finish off anything in our game and then open it up for peer review. Unfortunately for me, I had a few kinks to work out with the .exe file I was going to use for the demonstration.

The environment sound wasn’t working once the game was in play mode, however it was working while in the scene viewer, which was very strange. Some of the highlighters weren’t working correctly and the script needed reattaching, so I also took some time to attach the highlighter to some of the items I hadn’t yet made time to do.

Overall, it’s just the skeleton of the game that I want to actually end up with. There are a few notable things I will continue to work on:

  1. I would like to add in all the highlighters and make finding ways around the house much more challenging, as well as adding a story element to the overall game.
  2. I need to continue modelling items for the house (although it is meant to be in the midst of moving in, there does need to be more). This especially includes more lamps, a proper staircase, items for the various rooms throughout the house, etc.
  3. There needs to be further ways to interact with items. I didn’t have enough time to implement an inventory system and ways to inspect/interact with items, but I have read through a number of threads on Unity’s forum, as well as other forums/videos, so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something.
  4. Attempting voice over, while difficult just due to time constraints, would add so much more depth to the game. This is a long-term goal.

Ant ended up giving out sheets for people to fill in after they played our game. There were four people in total who filled out mine, so thank you very much for their efforts and attention!


The one thing I gathered from the feedback is I need to edit my particle system, as currently it’s unreliable and unstable (where it can even rain indoors). This may be down to the fact that my house was built entirely in Unity as separate objects, rather than put together more meticulously? The system itself is complex and will take me time to really dig into it, so that will be one of my goals after hearing this confirmed in class.

I do very much agree that an objective is needed in the game and I do have one in mind, it’s merely a matter of implementing it as I go, along with getting the scripts and assets I need to do it. If nothing else, this process just proves to me how difficult it can be to make a full game, especially with my own expectations after playing/watching so many other walking simulator examples.

It was very enjoyable going around to look at the work other people were doing. There were some very interesting, well done games, which only spurs me on to keep working on mine. I noticed some people made excellent use of limited light with the flashlight, or actually even had some voice work. Some students ended up with lovely external environments, which makes me think I need to focus on mine a bit more, for once I open up the doors to the house and allow the player to venture outside, too.

I’m going to ask a few people to do some in-depth reviews of what I have, as well as my friendship group’s opinion on my game concept. I think peer review and opinion is extremely important in games like this, which is likely why Steam Greenlight and KickStarter are used so often. It’s wonderful if you have an idea, but if no one wants to play it then you need to adapt to the crowd you’re building the game for. I will gladly take the information from our peer review session and move forward with my game build for the next time it will be publicly played.


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