3D Room – Modelling (part 2)

This is just a quick post. I thought I’d get a start on modelling some of the items from the captain’s cabin. I will always need more practice with modelling, after all, so I think I’ll end up doing 90% of the modelling first and then focus on texturing – I still have to decide on what kind of look I’d like the room to have. I feel that it will be easier to paint everything at the same stage so the look doesn’t change too much.

I began with an 16 x 12 polygon, then began expanding outwards to start the look of the curved chair. There are two of them in the scene and it’s unlike any kind of shape I’ve done before, so I thought it would be a good place to start. The most challenging part about this whole project will be the curves of the furniture. I’ve looked into it and have tried to use bevelling to simulate the curvature of the chair.

There will obviously some liberties taken with the design of the items while I continue to practice the curves and angles. I’m not sure I’m keen on the outcome, although it feels acceptable for a first try; I might end up trying a different technique (if I can find another one) to redo the chair, then compare the variations and pick the one that looks best.



Up next, I think I’d like to work on the bedside tables (which are rather straightforward, seeing as they’re just rectangular objects and the details will come from the texturing). However, this will also include some smaller details of a lamp and glass of water, so that will be interesting, seeing as we just finished looking at different shaders and scene lighting in class.

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