Spaceships! UVs! (part 3)

This will be the final reflective post on our spaceship project. There are always going to be little things I would like to change about the model, including adding more details to the model itself, as well as getting better at texturing.

Overall, I think I am more confident in my modelling and unwrapping abilities than anything else. I’m still learning about the most useful tools in Maya to create the objects/shapes I want, so Normandy is quite plain in that respect. I will have to try using more complex shapes in the future, possibly cylindrical and “smoother” objects from our room projects will give more practice.

I feel like texturing and shaders are quite straight-forward as well, in terms of applying them and manipulating them in Maya. However, I’m not an artist; as a result, for future projects I’ll have to set aside more time to source texture materials. Otherwise, I’ll have to pick more cartoon-like (or Borderlands cell-shaded) styles if I’m painting directly on the textures.

I had the most difficulty with the lighting and rending of my final product. This process took more time than all the other parts combined, which means I do need to practice this the most. To me, manipulating light in Maya is extremely finicky and most of the time I felt like it was too harsh or the wrong kind of colour for the look I was trying to accomplish. I’m going to look at more reference material online and see if I can achieve the same look in Maya with some practice.

The rendering also seemed to have some issues, or perhaps it was the quality of the texturing I did, but it seemed to be extremely pixelated. There are external programs that can be used to render your 3D models, so maybe the Maya renderer is just mediocre compared to those and the results aren’t as clean-cut as I thought they could be.

I’m having some issues uploading my final render onto SketchFab – the textures aren’t working correctly, which could be because I didn’t set up my project correctly when I initially started modelling my spaceship. This just proves to me how important it is to make sure your folders and projects are organised well, so later down the line you don’t have issued like this.

SketchFab link:


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