3D Room – Inspiration (part 1)

I thought I would get a start on looking into what sort of room I’d like to 3D model for our “Thinking Inside the Box” project.

Firstly, it was down to deciding which option to go for: either I could model a realistic room (likely one from my own house) or I could model a room I think would be inside my spaceship. Luckily, because I modelled a spaceship from a video game, there are plenty of reference photos of the interior of the Normandy I could use and choose from.

Thus, I decided that making a room from my ship would likely be a better option. I can use stills from the video game as a guide and for reference, but I can also take some liberties while designing to put my own stamp on the room. I think the appeal is that, with a room that’s Sci-Fi rather than realistic, you can take a few more liberties with the design of things.

I’ve decided to model the captain’s room on the Normandy (best seen in Mass Effect 2, which is where most of these shots come from).

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In my opinion, the room itself is quite sterile and what you would expect from a captain’s room on a spaceship. It’s made up of basic colours and some interesting lighting, which could be good practice for me. The shapes themselves are interesting, as the walls and ceilings are slightly curved (as you’re towards the nose of the spaceship, where it’s more narrow.

I’m also going to draw inspiration from other modellers who have reworked the captain’s room, but also other types of spaceship rooms, especially for the texturing.

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There are also some awesome floor maps that can be found, which I think will help me a lot with organising the room itself and figuring out where things could go.

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Mass Effect (the first game, not so much the subsequent ones) has been such a huge part of my video gaming life and one of my favourite games. I think attempting to model the captain’s quarters as my 3D room will be a big challenge and I’d like to draw some different ideas from other rooms mentioned above. I think the texturing will also be done a bit differently. I don’t want to create a copy of the room, after all, I would just like to use it and the other inspirational spaceship shots as source material.

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