Maze Game – Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

So I wasn’t actually around for the assignment to make a maze game using a blank file given out a couple weeks into school. I managed to get my hands on it, so I figured I may was well try to make my own sort of simple maze game. This gives me practice doing the things I have learned in class, including animation more than anything else.

This is the link to the game. There are still a few kinks in the levels and there could probably be more challenge, but I thought it was a good start. I decided to give it a Pokémon theme, since it’s a game series I’ve played since my childhood (Red and Blue came out when I was 13). It was also easy to either create or find the assets to use in Flash. This did mean that the game didn’t look stereotypically Flash-like, but I still like it.

I had a bit of trouble trying to create different different goals for each level and I sill haven’t quite figured that out, so it’s something I might learn a little more on in the future – I wanted the player to catch different Pokémon on each level. It was a lot easier bringing in the different backgrounds and obstacles for each level, though. There is only one level that appears tricky, which is with the vehicles, where you have to skirt along the railing of the bridge to get through and then have the right timing to get in between the vehicles.

The most fun I had making the games was animating the different obstacles. I like to figure out how to do loops (like the vehicles) or a pattern (like the bulldozer on the last level circling around the stature).

I found it easier to create the different assets in Photoshop first, where I mapped out the background of the game and the obstacles on a same-sized canvas. This allowed me to more freely manipulate the assets before importing them into Flash.


The levels above are in order from 1 to 5. The third level has assets that are actually off the game canvas, so the vehicles look like they’re looping when they’re not really. Maybe there’s a better way of doing it that I have to find out, but it works as it is for now.

Overall, I think it could use some improvement, so it’s something I can always revisit when we have some downtime and perhaps there’s something new I’ve learned I’d like to implement in the game. For now, I’m done playing it so many times through!


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