Halloween Game (part 1)

Our focus in Chris’ class today was to start the scene of what would become out Halloween Game. We were shown some basic shapes that we were asked to create, which were the following:


Using these (still somewhat primitive) shapes, we needed to create something that would be the backdrop to a spooky Halloween setting. We could create whatever we wanted using the shapes we’d made; the interesting part is how many things you could make just putting five shapes together in different ways. I’m really liking the ingenuity behind vector drawing, since I can see and construct items from shapes far more easily than I can via freehand.

I started making up houses and hills, then added some other items like the graveyard and details in the distance. After a while, Chris told us that we could continue adding details with any tools at out disposal, so I thought to make some other Halloween-themed items: bats and a ghost. I needed a sky backdrop to showcase my moon, stars, and clouds, but I didn’t really want too much colour in the scene. I think it looks more Halloween-y┬áif left in grey-scale as much as possible, with just hints of colour coming from the moon, stars, and windows.

Here is the final product without any animation:


Unfortunately I wasn’t a part of the lesson that showed how to animate the maze game, so I had to fumble my way through the tools to animate the scene, which was recommended. I knew the basics but I did have to ask for a little help. The thing I did learn through this is adding classic tweens┬áresulted in a much smoother animation and I actually prefer it.

I’ve uploaded the latest version of the animated scene, so it can be viewed until we start adding more game details in next week!


As usual with these sorts of projects, I feel like there are more things I could do with some extra knowledge, but I would like to see what kind of game we’re going to make first before adding anything else, in case I get inspiration from the type of game (is is going to be a side-scroller, could it be a platformer sort of thing, will there be baddies, etc.). So I’m sure it will evolve after next week’s lesson!


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