Self-Portrait (Adobe Animate)

Winding up the week with Chris’ class, we continued (or for me, started) work in Flash. We were asked to create self-portraits in Adobe Animate after the primitive shapes exercise. I started the picture at school, however I continued to add some shading at home. I’m not the best at drawing, but I don’t think it ended up looking too badly.

I had more trouble with the hair and trying to get the shapes right. I think you really have to plan out what shapes you’re going to use and how to layer them to get the sort of look you want. This is probably where sketching out your concepts and drawings beforehand will come in handy, rather than just “winging it” in the program. Also, I think I need more practice with shading as well, which probably will come with practice and thinking about “light source” even when there isn’t visually one on the screen.

This was the final product when I left school:


I can see in the above side-by-side comparisons that the shading needs a lot of improvement (probably using a darker colour on the skin so it shows more). I think everyone will end up having their own drawing style, if you can call mine a style, but at the same time basic concepts we’ll learn in Tony’s classes (and also in other classes, I’m sure) should be applied across the board.

There seem to be a couple people in our group (looking at other peoples’ blogs about the same class) that are helping me understand Flash a little more. I’m going to go through some of the videos and tutorials that have been posted on the Moodle website in the Flash section of the course site.

Chris had also mentioned a couple of games that have been made using Flash (Adobe Air) so I watched a few YouTube video play-throughs to get a better idea of what can be done in the program. Binding of Isaac isn’t a game I’ve played personally, but I have seen many other play it and enjoy it. Machinarium is a fantastic, quick little puzzle game that I’ve played in the past, but never realised that it was produced using Adobe Air. I’m sure I’ll discover more as time goes on.


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