Primitive Shapes in Flash

We ended off the week diving into drawing in Flash with Chris, learning how to manipulate shapes as well as try to draw ourselves using the methods we’ve learned. I’ve not touched Flash before, if I’m being honest, since I hadn’t signed up for school until after the Flash games were done. However, I think I’ll still give making the game a whirl using the simpler methods of manipulating shapes and creating characters/game objects in Flash.

We began by going over (or learning from scratch for me) about primitive shapes. Chris asked us to create the shapes he put up on the board, then editing those shapes into different something different.


It was interesting learning about the different line details, trying to copy the colours and strokes Chris had used on his shapes. I had to ask for a little bit of help, since I wasn’t sure which tools to use for changing the type of strokes around the shapes, but I got there in the end.


We then were asked to manipulate the shapes, some of which were really straight-forward and others not so much. I actually found the circle the most awkward method to wrap my head around, but once I understood I could maneuver shapes on top of other shapes and “take away” chunks of what I’d already made, I started to get the hang of it.

I find the kind of art style you can make with Flash really “cutesy” and cartoon-like, which is probably something I could learn to do better than something more realistic or “life-like”. I’m going to end up going home and re-visiting some video games and videos that use this sort of animation style, just to try and better the self-portrait we were asked to do after the primitive shapes exercise.


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