Intro to Unity

We started working with Unity today – as a game engine, it uses C# and JavaScript, the latter being the one I’m more familiar with. It’s also a free-access piece of kit for developing games, making it extremely popular to use across indie dev companies right up to major companies like Rovio (Angry Birds) and Bethesda (Fallout Shelter). Even Niantic used it to develop and publish Pok√©mon GO. I’m excited to start learning more about how to used the program, so we were asked to just have a play and familiarise ourselves with the tools at our disposal.

We learned about how to create objects, but also change the objects so they can act under the control of physics. Ant showed us a few cubes falling under gravity and being pushed around by a first person character controller.


I incorporated these concepts to create a small ball pushing exercise, where the first person controller had to move a ball into a small box, navigating around walls. I tried to use some of the wind mechanics, but I couldn’t quite work them out while in class. I’ll have to have a revisit and see if I can add more challenges to getting the ball into the box.


I did find some of the controls a bit clunky, trying to resize objects so that they mesh together well (ie, the walls sometimes were overlapping and didn’t look quite the way I wanted them to). As I said, I also would like to put some more challenges in, but that may require importing external assets into Unity to use.

There were some clever ideas going on around class. I saw one person who made a bowling-like game, where the controller had to force the ball at the right speed to knock down pins. Someone else had decided to make a dominoes game, which I thought was a really could way to show the physics that can be used in Unity.

Further into class, Ant asked us to pick up some of the tutorials and work through them, the first being the Roll a Ball exercise. I’ll work through the videos and post again once I’ve made more progress on this!


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